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Google My Business Help
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Google My Business is a free to use business tool provided by Google which can help your clients find you! If you are the owner of a small business, you NEED a Google My Business listing to boost your business.

Google My Business offers support in getting found on the most used search engine- Google! There are so many advantages to having a listing and Google ‘space’ allocated to you and your business. Another bonus is to get listed on Google My Business is that it is completely free to use.

Google launched GMB in 2004 to improve the search results experience. Making it easy for customers to find local businesses and their information faster.

For example: If you searched for somewhere to eat nearby, Google lists the top results for local restaurants. Instead of search through websites to find the right fit. Google has made it easier to ‘quick search’ for something suitable. The businesses hours, locations, reviews, and price range appear. And it is shown within a map to see which options might be closest to your current location.

Google has made it easy and inexpensive to optimize your Google My Business Listing. Resulting in the platform giving smaller local businesses the chance to compete with larger companies

By having a GMP listing you will:

  • Improve your search engine ranking.
  • Create more business awareness.
  • Generate more leads.
  • Provide quick access and valuable information to your potential clients.
  • Build upon your Know, Like, and Trust. Provide social proofing through reviews and get a star ranking.
  • Share news and announce any special offers.
  • Give you insight of what your audience is searching for and what is working for your business.

Creating a Google My Business listing is a simple solution to get more eyes on your business. Once you have set up your listing, it will make a noticeable effect on your online presence and marketing. 

Google My Business is one part of the equation for success online. But an integral part of getting noticed online. 

So why not set up a Google My Business free online business listing? Make it easier for your local business to get found on Google!  In part two we shall discuss how to optimise your profile.

Need help setting it up? We would love to assist you and make sure people start seeing your business sooner. 

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