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The power of visual storytelling (or videos to you and me!)

Did you know that web posts with visuals drive up to 180% more engagement than those without? Or that viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos? With many people attracted by a more visual online medium, it is no wonder that using video to get your message across is not just popular but also one of the most powerful marketing methods. There are a ton of benefits gained by doing video marketing with virtually no drawbacks. Here are six reasons why you need to get on the video bus now!

1. Achieve top rankings in the search engines

The major search engines now give a lot of value to video content. If your website or business has a video and an article about the same keyword, chances are that your video will rank higher every time.

For instance, Google’s traditional way of searching the internet is evolving constantly and incorporates more and more of what SEO experts call “universal search” and “blended results”. This means that it will display not just traditional website listings but also, importantly, video and images at the top end of the search results. It sets a more level playing field and can help you achieve higher rankings with more traffic to your site. More traffic to your site ultimately means more sales.

2. A video can build trust

Video marketing can help you build a connection with your target market. No other medium can do it so easily. Businesses can convey their personality, brand and people through video. People like to buy from people and using video is a great way to move from intimacy to interaction. A sense of trust and credibility develops and it is this that makes video marketing so attractive.

3. It is relatively inexpensive

Compared to many forms of marketing, video is cost effective and can be produced at a really reasonable price. It can be formatted in many different ways. Using it as part of a website, social media or blog strategy are just some ways to spread the word and get your message out there.

4. Takes advantage of new technologies and mobile devices

You can view video with all kinds of devices; iPads, smart phones, laptops, desk tops, tablets etc. With traffic from wireless devices due to exceed traffic from wired devices by 2015 (Cisco), you can promote your product 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

5. Inspires participation in social media and email marketing campaigns

Once opened, videos embedded in emails and on social media platforms engage the user to click through at almost twice the normal rate. Social media encourages people to share your message through your video effortlessly.

So what are my top tips for great videos?

  • Short and sweet is better than long and laborious, which may cause your audience to switch off.Inject your personality into your video – people buy from people!
  • Upload your video to YouTube. Since 2006, YouTube has been a subsidiary of Google, therefore it is the greatest place for your video to be on the internet. You can still embed it into your site.
  • Choose the right title and description – Google search works by matching keywords.
  • Let me help you! I have produced videos on all different sized budgets that have exceeded over a quarter of a million views on YouTube and have directly related in sales for my clients. Contact me for further information.
    1,000,000 views and counting – just a set of videos i made while at ESG

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